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W/C 18th April 2016

W/C Monday 17th April 2016


We are all very excited about starting our new topic this week - "Why don't snakes have legs?"


We will be starting our week by reading some fact books all about Snakes and on Wednesday we have some special visitors coming to see the children from "Zoolab"!

The children will be able to see and hold a variety of different reptiles.


Language and Literacy


After our visit from Zoolab the children will be writing all about the different reptiles that they saw and held. We will be focussing on sounding out words according to the sounds the children can hear in them, sitting the letters on the lines and trying to write in simple sentences. 


Our individual and guided group reading sessions will be back to normal this week and the children will also have their daily phonics sessions.


Mathematical Development

The focus of our maths sessions this week will be measuring. The children will be using the language of measuring to talk about different snakes and will sort snakes according the long and short. The children will also order a set of lengths and then will discuss and investigate different ways to measure accurately how long the snakes are.


We will continue with our counting sessions, practising counting in 2's, 5's, 10's as well as practising our addition. As always we will continue to do our digit dancing, practising to form our numbers with correct formation and orientation. 


Enhanced  Provision 

During our pupil voice sessions the children asked to make salt doh snakes. The children will have the opportunity to do this in our modelling area and will be encouraged to paint patterns on them once they are dry. 

In our small world area the children asked for a play reptile area and  in our maths area the children will be creating their own snake number lines as well as playing snakes and ladders. 


This term the children will be developing their balancing & ball skills in our PE sessions. We are also delighted to be starting our "Play to learn" sessions