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W/C Monday 12th March 2018



Weekly learning experiences


Please check this section regularly to see what learning experiences are being offered to the children each week. 


Our new context for learning this half term will be "Are eggs alive?" 



W/C Monday 12th March  2018

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We will be starting our new context for learning in Nursery this week “Are eggs alive?”

At the start of the week the children will have the opportunity to handle and talk about a variety of different eggs and explore the question “Are eggs alive?”  


Our chick eggs will arrive in the incubator and the children will have the opportunity to handle the eggs briefly before returning them to the incubator to be kept warm. 


In our focussed tasks the children will be taking part in a little experiment and will be presented with a variety of materials and some eggs. The children will be challenged to predict and then find out which material will protect a boiled egg the most when dropped from a short height! 

In our Maths focussed task the children will go hunting for numbered eggs and will play games practising their number recognition  & formation. 

In our library session the children will learn about the life cycle of chickens and in our PE session the children will take part in egg and spoon races as well as chicken themed games.  In our cooking session the children will be cooking omelettes. Within our enhanced provision there will be opportunities for nest building as well as painting with feathers