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Week Beginning 14th November 2016

'Why do you love me so much?'


Our Context for Learning this half term is 'Why do you love me so much?' Each week we will share a fiction or non-fiction text with the children. The book will be used as a stimulus for the learning experiences offered to the children in the indoor and outdoor learning environments. 


Week Beginning 14th November 

'Sometimes...' by Emma Dodd



This week the children will be concentrating on discussions about feelings and emotions.  They will be drawing pictures of themselves feeling happy/sad/excited, etc. and writing lists or sentences about what makes them feel that way.  The children will also be making 'feelings baskets' for the classroom.  They will each have a pebble with their name on it and in the morning children will self-register by putting their pebble in the basket that represents how they are feeling that morning.  There will be opportunity for the children to discuss with their peers and adults why they are feeling that way.


The children will also be writing and making their own large scale number lines.  They will be encouraged to make marks to represent numbers in order, and will be given a selection of natural objects to match to the number.


In the Creative Area the children have asked to paint elephants and make playdough elephants.  Leading on from last week's maths lessons, the children would like to measure the height and length of elephants using the unifix bricks.  After discussions about feelings the will be encouraged to sort objects and photos from school into those that make them happy and those that make them sad.  They will then be encouraged to write a list of these objects in the writing area.  Last week the children learnt how to take photos on the iPad so this week they will be encouraged to independently take photos of things around the classroom that make them happy, sad, excited, etc. 


We also have Children in Need on Friday which we are all really looking forward to.  Let's go Spotty Dotty!