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W/C 7th March 2016

W/ C Monday 7th March 2016


We have a very busy and fun filled week last week, celebrating St David's Day on Tuesday and World Book Day on Thursday. 

There was also a wonderful atmosphere is our classroom as the children eagerly waited for the chicken eggs to hatch, which finally began to hatch on Thursday.


Language & Literacy

We will be watching the chicks change and grow throughout this week, before we say goodbye to them on Friday and allow them to go back to the farm. 

In our literacy focussed task the children will be learning how to take photographs on the iPad and will insert their photographs in to a iBook, to create their very own chick memory books. The children will use their phonics knowledge to write words and sentences to go in to the memory books.

The children will continue with their guided reading and phonic sessions and will have their one-to-one read with an adult.


Mathematical Development

In our maths sessions we will continue to practise our counting skills including counting backwards from 20. We will be practising number recognition above 10 and sequencing numbers larger than 10. 

We will also be practising counting on from a given number, crossing over through 10. 


 In our maths focus task this week, the children will be revisiting addition and will be completing some butterfly addition. The children will be creating and writing their own number sentences and representing these on the butterfly wings, 

Physical Development

The children will have their PE and Games lessons in the hall. 


Creative Development & knowledge and Understanding 

In addition to our chicks and tadpoles, our caterpillar eggs will be arriving in school this week. The children will be able to observe the caterpillars grow larger and larger and eventually spin their cocoon.

In our enhanced provision the children will be able to create and copy butterfly symmetry patterns in the creative area, will be able to create repeating patterns in the maths area and will be able to play with the butterfly garden on the small world area. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to handle the chicks and make observational drawings of them.