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Zoolab visit

The children were fantastic throughout our Zoolab animal handling experience.

Unfortunately the snake was poorly so couldn't visit but the children did get introduced to a Giant African Snail, a Cockroach, a Bearded Dragon, a Tarantula and a rat. 

The children were incredibly brave and either held or touched each animal. The children learnt lots of new facts about each creature.


Meet Winston the Giant African Snail! 

Did you know that the Giant African Snail is the slowest minibeast? Did you know that he does not have any bones but lots of muscles? Did you know that he doesn't have legs but has two eyes, two noses and a long tongue? 

Meet Bob the cockroach! 

Did you know the cockroach is the fastest minibeast? Did you know he has 6 legs and can eat anything & everything accept metal, glass and plastic? 

Meet Lucy the Tarantula! 

Did you know she has eight legs, a pink body and is very furry? Did you know that she can spike her fur up to scare her predators away?

Meet Fredrick the Bearded Dragon!

Did you know he has four legs and has bones in his body?  Did you know that his scales are hard and bumpy but not spiky? Did you know that he is very muscly and is able to climb up trees and uses his tail to help him?

Last of all meet Beans the rat!

Did you know he has four legs and a very long tail? Did you know that he has a large brain and is actually very clever? Did you know that he is nocturnal, which means he usually sleeps during the day and wakes up at night?