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Week beginning 7/10/19

This week in literacy our focus has been on writing a newspaper article. We began by looking at the features of a newspaper - headline, subtitle, by line, picture, caption, quotation and columns. The children then chose an environmental issue to research e.g pollution, tourism, oil spills, over fishing. Using the information and facts they had collected they then wrote their own newspaper reports about their chosen environmental issue.


In numeracy this week Dosbarth Dolydd have continued to focus on time, looking specifically at time intervals.

Dosbarth Maes have been using the expanded and compact methods of column subtraction as well as looking at doubling.


Topic work for Dosbarth Maes has focused this week on numeracy and literacy across the curriculum. The children have been creating their own bar chart to show pollution in the oceans. They have also been producing their own promotional videos for the Great Barrier Reef, using scripts they have written to narrate over i-movie on the i-pad.


In welsh, the children have been writing conversations about camping.


Well done to the children in Dosbarth Dolydd for completing their swimming lessons this week. They did a fantastic job and it was great to see how much more confident they were by the end of the sessions :) Next week it will be the turn of Dosbarth Maes to go swimming. Please remember bathers and towels.