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Week 6 - 6/7/20

This week, there are 3 tasks for you to complete!


1) Writing - information text about the Adi tribe (using notes from last week's task)

2) Reading- comprehension task (about Sun Safety)

3) Maths - fractions (Dolydd) or shape (Maes)


Please watch the videos to find out more ...

1) Writing - Information Text (about the Adi Tribe):

Still image for this video

Remember to include:

~ titles and sub-headings

~ an introduction

~ paragraphs of information (use last week's notes to help you)

~ pictures


Also, don't forget to reread your work and edit, once you have finished. This will help you to ensure it makes sense and allow you to check your punctuation! 

2) Sun Safety Reading Comprehension:

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3, Maths - Dolydd - Fractions

Still image for this video

3. Maths - Maes - Shape

Still image for this video

Dolydd - please watch the fractions activity video.

Maes - please watch the shape activity video.


If you have any questions, don't forget you can send us a message via speech bubble chat.

Resources For Home-Schooling:

These resources are for children who are continuing to learn from home.

Writing: Create An Information Text About Manjhi (The Man Who Moved The Mountain)