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Week beginning 18/2/19

This week in math our sessions have involved identifying the months of the year. We have been looking for key information and events to help us. We have also been completing math assessments to help us continue to track progress.


In literacy we have been continuing to make our own comics. We have been creating covers and adding titles, using the laptops. The children have been typing the titles by locating the letters on the keyboard, as well as learning about the caps lock and space bar. We have then made changes to the font by altering the size, making it bold, underlining it and changing the colour.


During our topic sessions we have been printing our fruit designs. We started by choosing two of our line drawing designs of the inside of the fruit, then using a pencil we indented the design on to the tiles, we then used rollers to apply paint over the design. Using green for one design and red for the other we then printed the designs alternatively.


This week in our guided group reading (GGR) sessions we have been completing comprehension papers.


Our enhanced provision this week has offered the opportunity to make up number sentences using stampers, answer questions about Thanos, create superhero badges using the peg boards, make superheros out of kitchen rolls and to draw a villain on the ipads using paint.