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Week beginning 7/1/19

A warm welcome back to all the children, parents and staff and a special welcome back to Miss Fiera - we all missed you!

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the festive period and spending time with family and friends. Happy New Year to you all.


This week in year 1 in math we have been focusing on place value and recapping our work on splitting two digit numbers into tens and units. We have also been practising reading two digit numbers and adding 1 or 2 more and writing the corresponding number sentences.


In literacy/topic we have been drawing superheros and using adjectives to describe them. We have also been looking at a variety of different settings and discussing them, referring to our senses to help us describe what we would see, hear and smell in these locations.


The enhanced provision this week provides opportunities to create a Numicon city, order strips of numbers, design superhero masks, story mapping, sorting heroes and villains, filling in superhero speech bubbles as well as a selection of other activities.


We are also in the process of completing bench marking assessments for reading to ensure the children are reading at the correct level. Although started this week this process will need to continue over the next couple of weeks before it is complete, so please remain patient with us.