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Week beginning 17/6/19

In math this week we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. One of our activities has focused on sorting numbers that appear in the 2,5 and 10 times tables. Another activity has involved adding two digit numbers by first adding the tens numbers and then adding the unit numbers. We have been using a jump to link the relevant numbers and highlight which digits are connected. We have also been completing doubles ladybirds and writing the corresponding number sentences.


Following a vote the winning mini beast this week was ladybirds, therefore our literacy work has focused around the story 'What the ladybird heard'. Outside we have been using directional language to instruct each other around a grid to locate different animals from the story. We have also been using adjectives to describe the characters and learning how to write a 2A sentence. This is a sentence containing two adjectives, separated by a comma. The children will be looking at these in more detail in year 2. We have then been using these 2A sentences to write a character description.


This week our topic work has involved drawing simple maps of our classroom to direct each other to the location of the fine, prize cow, from the story.


Our enhanced provision has offered the chance to make paper plate ladybirds, write ladybird stories, observe and sketch real ladybirds, make ladybird listeners, make playdough ladybirds, role play in the investigation station, make up stories using the farm scene and use the finger puppets to retell the story.