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Please can you bring your child's purple book bag to school every day.  This is important because we will read with your child on a different day each week.

Each child has a Reading Record that will be written in by any adult who reads with the child. Please write a comment in the record book in order that we can see how your child is doing at home. You can also use this as a means to clarify any information or ask questions regarding any aspect of your child's reading. 




I Spy cards - These give your child an opportunity to hear the beginning sounds in words (initial sounds).  Children listen for letter sounds ('a' for 'apple') not letter names ('A').


Picture books - Encourage your child to tell you the story by looking at the pictures.  Encourage them to hold the book the right way up and turn pages one at a time.  Talk about the front cover, i.e. title and author.




Tricky word lists - These are sets of high frequency words that the children need to practise consistently.  Your child will receive the next set of words once they have learnt their current set. The class teacher will decide when to provide the next set of high frequency words. The children need to be able to recognise the words consistently and in a variety of contexts.  


Reading books - These books have a combination of tricky words (words that can't be sounded out, i.e. 'the') and decodable words (words that can be sounded out, i.e. c-a-t).