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Pori Drwy Stori

Pori Drwy Stori is a bilingual programme for Reception-aged children with a range of abilities and is funded by the Welsh Assembly.


Each child in the Reception class will be bringing home a set of resources which they can keep and use at home. Each child will receive a weather watch calendar and a set of hide and seek cards.  


Over the next half term every child will also have a chance to bring home a little book bag containing two books as well as an activity booklet.

The children can keep the books at home for a week but must return them to school the following week ready for the next child to take home. however the children can keep their completed activity book at home. 


The aim of Pori Drwy Stori is to raise standards in literacy and numeracy and promote parental engagement, supporting the Foundation Phase areas of learning: language, literature and communication skills, mathematical development, personal and social development and well being and cultural diversity. Keep a look out for your child's resources and for more information have a look at the website link below!