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Week beginning 11/2/19

In Math we are continuing to look at time. We have been ordering the months of the year by completing calendars and starting to identify in which month key events occur. We have also introduced the seasons and have been looking at how trees change through the seasons to help us recognise and understand how to identify each one. 


Our literacy sessions this week have involved starting to make our own comic books. Using the super veggies that we made previously with modelling clay and then photographed against different backgrounds. After arranging the pictures in the correct order we have started to add speech bubbles and sound words as well as writing parts of the story. They are looking amazing!!


The enhanced provision this week has provided the chance to make a superhero HQ picture with magnetic shapes, write secret detective messages, create superhero capes, make Captain America shields and Wonder Woman cuffs, help Spiderman catch the spiders using tweezers, use the ink pads to practise finger prints and mine for kryptonite in the sand.