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Week Beginning 12th February

This week we have enjoyed making pancakes and writing recipes in Year 2. On Friday we will enjoy a cultural day and celebrate Chinese New Year. We will have a carousel of activities that will help us understand a different culture. We will taste food, create dragon dances, learn some language and to write in Chinese. 


We hope you have some lovely plans for the half term break and enjoy spending some time with your child. The homework for this break will be to visit a corner shop! Lots of children are struggling to understand money as it is used so infrequently in shops these days. Please can you take your child to a shop to buy something small and encourage them to spend a small amount of money and calculate their change. It would also be a great idea to play shops with them at home!


The other concept many children are finding difficult is telling the time. Year 2 need to understand half past, quarter past and quarter to. They need to be able to read these times in digital and analogue. We would be very grateful if they could practise this too.


Details of craft homework for St David's Day will also be sent out soon.


Please continue to check the books your child has been allocated on active learn as many children have moved to new book bands and have lots of new books they can share with you. The children should be able to log in on their own now as we have been practising this this term.

We will not be changing our context for the next half term as it is a short one and the pupils are still loving LAND AHOY!


Have a super break.


Year 2 Team