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Week beginning 4/11/19

Welcome back.


Our new topic this half term will be Burps, bottoms and bile. This is a science based topic, learning all about the human body, with a focus on teeth and the digestive system. 


On Wednesday this week Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Bristol Aquarium. We were given a guided tour of the aquarium - which gave us the opportunity to learn lots of new and interesting facts, we were able to feed the fish and it also provided the children with the chance to film their vlog (using the scripts they had written previously).


In literacy this week we started the week by looking at connectives. We discussed what they were as well as when and how to use them. After identifying connectives within sentences the children then wrote their own sentences, containing a range of connectives.

Later in the week the focus changed to writing a recount of our trip. We looked closely at recalling the correct order of the events as well as trying to improve sentences by adding more information.


Our numeracy focus in Dosbarth Dolydd has been on equivalent fractions and creating a fraction wall. The focus in Dosbarth Maes has been on adding consecutive numbers and finding patterns.


Pupil voice - As we have started a new topic the children were able to inform us about what they already know about the subject and what they would like to find out.


In relation to our new half termly topic this week we have mainly been focusing on science. We have been talking about the importance of good dental hygiene and looking at how dissolving tablets can help identify areas of plaque left on the teeth. We are currently carrying out an investigation to find out the affect of different drinks on teeth (using eggs).


In PE the focus has now moved on to gymnastics, we are currently working on balancing on different parts of our bodies.