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W/C 8th February 2016


W/ C Monday 8th February 2016


This week we will be revisiting and recapping the stories the children have been enjoying throughout our "Will you read me a story?" context.


Language & Literacy

The children will continue with their guided reading and phonic sessions and will have their one-to-one read with an adult.

This week the children will use a story bag of objects to create their own stories. They will use the language of the stories they have been listening to, to help them create their very own with a beginning, a middle and an end.



Mathematical Development

In our maths session we will continue to practise our counting skills and will continue working with subtraction. The children will be reading numbers sentences and using their fingers, equipment and number lines to help them find the correct answers.



Physical Development

The children will have their PE and Games lessons in the hall. They will have the opportunity to retell the stories they are familiar with in the outdoors, building bridges and houses.