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Week beginning 18/11/19

This week in literacy we have been putting the finishing touches to our information leaflets  'Taking care of your teeth'. We have also been learning to identify and use different contractions. The children have been learning that it is particularly important to place the apostrophe in the position of the missing letter/s, e.g I have = I've, did not = didn't.


Our focus in numeracy has changed throughout the week. We started by continuing from the previous week with weighing and reading scales to the nearest 100g. Having weighed a range of fruit and vegetables we then linked this to our next focus - To record and interpret information. After recording the results in a table we then displayed them in bar chart. We discussed the need for a title, labelling the axis, width of the bars and the scale required. We finished the week by looking at capacity and converting between ml/l.


Through our topic work we have been continuing to focus on science. This week we have been investigating the sugar content in different food items per 100g. After recording the results in a table we were able to compare the results - some of which were very surprising!


In Year 4 this week we have also started to read the scrips and practise the songs for the Christmas play.