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Our weekly learning experiences


Week Beginning Monday 29th April


This week we have focused on practice for next weeks reading comprehension tests. Pupils have spent time practising their test skills as well as working together to develop their comprehension skills. They have been working very hard and we are very confident that they will do brilliantly in next weeks test. 


Numeracy: Likewise, in numeracy we have been completing past papers in preparation for testing. We have been breaking the tests down and really focusing on pupils problem solving skills.


Week Beginning: Monday 8th April


The children finished their adverts and spent time rehearsing them. Together, they chose the scenery for their advert and were recorded in front of a green screen. The adverts were fantastic and the children gave brilliant performances.
For the remainder of the week we have practised reading comprehension in preparation for summer tests.



For the final week of term the children have been sitting tests to track their progress for this half term. After completing them we looked over them as a class in order to explain our thinking and practice test skills. 


Week Beginning: Monday 1st April


This week we have continued our learning on advertisements. Pupils have now had a go at making their own smoothies (a very fun but messy experience) and tasting their work. As a result, they are now ready to create their own TV advertisement for the drinks. They have started writing the script for the adverts, as well as assigning different roles for them: actors, script writers, directors. Next week they will perform and record their adverts. 



To start the week off, pupils studied temperature. We looked at moving into negative numbers, comparing temperatures in hot and cold places. Both classes were so good at this that they even completed some year 4 level work!
The remainder of the week has been spent developing our test techniques in preparation for summer tests. We have talked through different tests, completed them and then marked them as a class in order to further understanding our learning.



Following on from last weeks work, the children have conducted the 'disappearing eggs' experiment. Egg shells have been placed in various different liquids (water, milk, vinegar, juice, energy drink and a an empty cup as our control) for a whole week. At the end of the 7 days they were taken back into class (some were rather smelly) to be analysed. A prediction was made for each type of liquid before the eggs were put in, which meant that pupils could observe the eggs and find out if they were right or wrong! We had lots of fun and found that we may have a few scientists in our midst! 



Our project for this half term has been 'Film Fever'. Using IMovie, the children have watched various different movie trailers from different genres. In groups of 4, they chose their own genre and have begun planning their own trailers image by image. Next week they will need to film different scenes and use text to create their very own master trailers!