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AGM Minutes

Friends of Pontprennau Primary School

Annual General Meeting

16 October 2018



  1. Chair’s Welcome:

1.1. Helen Willson welcomed everyone to the FoPPS AGM. At the start of the meeting, there were 27 people in attendance so the meeting was quorate.


  1. Apologies:

2.1. Claire Williams (secretary) received apologies from Rebecca Toozer.


  1. Minutes of the last AGM:

3.1. Claire Williams summarised the previous minutes and confirmed there were no outstanding actions. These were agreed and seconded by Clare Collick and Jason Jones.


  1. Chair’s report:

4.1. Helen gave thanks to all of the committee members and to Clare Collick, Susan Haggerty and Rebecca Toozer who would be stepping down from the committee.

4.2. Helen also gave thanks to all of the other contributors and volunteers over the last year of which there had been many.

4.3. In the first year of FoPPS we held a Halloween disco, Spring Bazaar, Race night, Summer fair with a Grand Raffle in addition to gaining charitable status, registering for the Stamptastic cash back scheme and holding a PR event to talk to as many parents and careers as possible to gather feedback and ideas.


  1. Treasurer’s report:

5.1. Martin Edwards provided a breakdown of the accounts for the first year of FoPPS. 5.2. Accounts were independently audited by an external accountant.

5.3. In the first twelve months, FoPPS raised £8137.29 in profit.

5.4. To date, £93.32 has been spent on multi-coloured paints for the benches, shed and raised beds which have been painted by Graham Davies and several volunteers. FoPPS are also in the process of arranging for £2000 to be transferred to the school to be allocated to each class to purchase various supplies and equipment.

5.5. A proportion of the money raised has been ring-fenced to go towards purchasing a mini-bus for the school which will benefit all children.

5.6. FoPPS has also begun to look into other cashback schemes such as Amazon shopping and the Tesco embroidery scheme.

5.7. The accounts for 2017-18 were approved by those in attendance at the AGM.


  1. Election of Committee members:

6.1. The four officers (Helen Willson - Chair, Philip Nicholls - Vice chair, Martin Edwards - Treasurer and Claire Williams - Secretary) and five further committee members (Jamila Lewis, Gareth Hillier, Ann-Marie Powell, Debanjali Bhattacharjee, Jason Jones) were all seeking re-election for the 2018-19 academic year. There was unanimous agreement for all nine to be re-elected.

6.2. Three new nominations were received (Eve Cocks, Lucy Harris, Gayle Mulla) and received unanimous agreement for election to the committee.


  1. Any other business:

7.1. Philip Nicholls discussed further the ring-fencing of money raised by FoPPS to go towards to the purchase of a minibus for the school. A brand new minibus with disabled access which was a necessity for the school to allow inclusion of all pupils in the school for school trips would cost in the region of £32,500. Philip stressed that in order to secure a minibus as quickly as possible, the committee were looking into alternative options, such as second hand minibuses as well as match funding possibilities but the support of the school and families was essential.

7.2. Philip gave thanks to Helen for all her hard work over the last year as the FoPPS Chair.


  1. Head Teacher’s closing remarks:

8.1. Ms Lizzie Dykes thanked the committee, noting that the first year of setting up any organisation is always the hardest. Whilst we had done some amazing fundraising in our first year, she acknowledged that FoPPS was not just about the money, but bringing fun and social events to the friends and families of the Pontprennau and the school. When the school was built, there were aspirations that this would help build more of a community in Pontprennau. A school minibus is a great ultimate goal and this will benefit all of the children within the school. Each year the top classes are also starting from scratch with their resources and these can take many years to build up. Anyone over the age of 18 is automatically a member of FoPPS and any way people can help by attending events or buying a raffle ticket all adds up.