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Week Beginning 1st May 2017

Week Beginning 1st May 2017

This week we will be starting a new Context for Learning - 'How many colours in a rainbow?' 

The children will be offered opportunuties to explore colour, both in the indoor and outdoor learning environments. In the Writing Area the children will challenged to create a rainbow book; writing and or drawing objects to match each colour. The children will be encouraged to write the colour names in English and Welsh. The children will be invited to experiment with colour mixing and write instructions for the other children to make different colours. In the Maths Area the children will have opportunities to develop their understanding of pattern, using colours. 'Elmer' will be  used as a stimulus for the children to copy and create their own colour patterns. This week our focus in Maths will be number bonds. The children will use Numicon to explore pairs of numbers that total ten. 

The children have shown a keen interest in den building in the classroom. This week will offer the children large pieces of material, pegs, cardboard tubs and boxes, bungee cords. We would be very grateful for any large cardboard boxes, tubes, crates, material including flat sheets or tarpaulin etc to add to our Role Play Area.