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Week beginning 4/3/19

Welcome back.


Our topic focus this half term is everyday heroes.


This week in math we have been looking at odd and even numbers. Using cubes to make towers and then splitting them in half, we have then been checking to see if the towers are equal in height. Following this we have then been sorting them into odd/even numbers. We have also been using the 100 squares and colouring odd/even numbers in alternate colours.

In our other math activity we have been re-visiting counting in 10s, 5s and 2s. Using coins we have been paying for items that are worth multiple amounts of these. We have also started to introduce the (x) times sign.


Our literacy focus this week was to learn a poem called 'The Sleepy Dragon' and perform it using actions, to the rest of the class. We then produced story maps of the poem, using the actions to help us remember what came next.


In relation to our half term topic of everyday heroes we have started by looking at the story of St David. Following the story and discussion we have been making promises and giving reasons for making these.


Through our enhanced provision this week the children have had the opportunity to play a seasons sorting game, write about why they love wales, make daffodils and leeks using different materials, draw an everyday hero on 'Doodle Buddy' and direct Beebots around the map.


On Thursday we enjoyed dressing up as part of World Book day and the children all looked fantastic. We were able to show our costumes to the rest of the school during an assembly and got to complete some activities back in class.