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Reception Archive: 2018-2019

A very warm welcome to the Reception class page!



Reception Staff Team 2018/2019


Class Teachers:                            

Mr Jones/Ms Wallace - (Dosbarth Coed)         

Mrs Latham - (Dosbarth Derw)




Classroom Teaching Assistants:          

Mrs Powell 

Miss  Dent

Mrs Thomas




Inclusion Team:                                 

Mrs Davey

Summer 1 - Are We Nearly There Yet?

Context for Learning



Our theme for the first half of the Summer term is 'Are We Nearly There Yet?'


Please see out topic overview above for more information.


We are looking forward to seeing the children's photographs from a journey they went on during the Easter break.


If any parents or carers have any interesting vehicles (such as a motorbike or model boat) they would like to share with the children, please speak to a member of the Reception team.  We will be exploring Mrs Latham's car in week one - looking at the inside and outside, drawing it and labelling it.  We would love to explore other vehicles too!


We are going to be sorting our junk modelling in to different recycling categories, so please continue to bring in clean recycling from home.  We will be using these materials to make our own vehicles, so will need lots!


We will be making a cardboard box village outside, along with large cardboard box vehicles, so if you have any large (the bigger the better!) boxes, please bring those in too.


We are exploring maps, atlases and globes.  If you have any of these that you can kindly donate to us then please do.


Lastly, we will be continuing to invite parents, grandparents and carers in to read your favourite story to your child's class.  If you would like to come in, please pop your name on the sign up sheet by the hometime door.


Diolch yn fawr.

Important Dates


29/04/19 - Welcome back!

21/05/19 - Parent Science Challenge - 2.15 pm.

We would like to invite parents, grandparents and carers in to make vehicles with your child.  We will be making vehicles that float, roll or fly. 

(Please note, only 2 adults can attend for each child.)

24/05/19 - Class photos.

24/05/19 - Last day of term.

Each Friday at 2.50pm - Parent, carer and grandparent story time.



17/06/19 - (Next term) Reception beach trip.