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Week Beginning 26th March

Week starting: 26/03/2018


Our Context for Learning this term is called 'Are eggs alive?'. During this project we will be learning about what happens in the world around us in the season of Spring.

We will be answering questions like: What are buds? Are eggs alive? What do living things need to grow?

In a quest to find out the answers to these questions the children will have opporunuties to learn about chicks and ducklings, frogs and frogspawn, eggs, blossom and spring flowers and the weather. Real life learning expereinces will be provided throughout the topic. 


Learning opportunities and experiences will be planned across all areas of learning - 


Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity - self-confidence and awareness, making relationships

Language, Literacy and Communication - listening and attention, understanding and speaking, reading and writing

Mathematical Development - numbers, shape, space and measures

Physical Development - moving and handling, health and self care

Knowledge and Understanding the World - people and communicating the world

Creative Development - explaining and using media and materials, being imaginative


Over the next half term we have lots of lovely exciting experiences based on Dinosaurs and then we will study the life cycles of chicks, frogs and butterflies. 


This 4 day week to finish the Spring term, the children will be enjoying lots of lovely activities based around the Easter Story. 

There will be 2 focus activities, one within the Maths area where the children will be exploring 2D shapes. This will be enhanced with making their own chick and bunny shape pictures. The other focus will be involved in both the writing and outdoor area where they will devise and write their own puzzle clue egg hunt.

Also within the writing area the children will have the opportunity to use fact books about chicks to learn and write lots of new information and the outdoors will include lots of egg citing games, such as, egg and spoon race and racing with the egg in-between the children's legs to drop in the nest!

Within the creative area the children can create their own Easter card using a variety of materials.


Our daily carpet sessions include; Phonics, Literacy, CLIC (Maths) and Welsh. During the week the children will also have opportunities to participate in Music, I.T, Cookery, Gardening, PE and Library sessions. Once a week we run a carousel whereby the children all engage with Guided Group Reading and also experience other activities including Dough Disco and Digit Dancing, a variety of activities to develop their fine and gross motor skills, story time and Write Dance. 

During our cooking sessions this week, the children will have the opportunity to make an nest egg cake and in gardening, they will plant vegetables. 


This term has been a short one and with the snow disruptions has meant the staff have worked exceptionally hard in order to ensure the children have got the best outcome from their learning experience provided. The children as a result have produced some amazing work which we are very proud of and look forward to more exciting things in the Summer term. The Reception team hope the children and their families have a lovely Easter Holidays and will see everyone back on Tuesday 17th April.