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W / C 18th January 2016

This week our story stimulus in ‘The Three Billy goats Gruff. During our trip last Tuesday the children had the opportunity to pet the goats and even saw a troll under the bridge in the goat pen! We have read the story and the children have decided what activities they would like to do linked to ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’. These include using the construction toys to build bridges, create stick puppets of the characters from the story and using the wooden blocks to design a new home for the troll.


Language & Literacy

In addition to our phonics, individual and guided group reading sessions, our focussed literacy this week will be creating a story map of the story ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’.  Children will be encouraged to write initial sounds, words or sentences about each part of the story.


Mathematical Development

In our maths session we will continue to practise our counting skills but we will be focussing on counting on 2 more than a given number using number lines and hundred squares. We will also have a number focus activity where the children will be practicing their number formation and their Learn Its.


Creative Development

Every child will have the opportunity to paint their favourite character from the Gruffalo story, mixing the colours they need for their art work.

The children will also be working on creating a large Gruffalo natural collage to be used on our cloakroom display.


Welsh language

This week we will be reading the book ‘Beth sy’n Bod, Tedi Twt?’ and will continue to practice the names for parts of the body.