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Simple ways to help support your child

Ways you can help at home


There are so many ways that you can support your child's learning at home.



* Encourage your children to get dressed by themselves and put on their own shoes and socks. Daily we maximise opportunities for your children to develop their self-help skills. We encourage all of the children to put on their own coats. It would be very much appreciated if you could also take the time to teach your children how to do the zip and buttons on their coat. We strive to teach your children independence. 


* Provide opportunities for your children to practise writing their name. Use shaving foam, gel, gloop, paint and chalk. Use paintbrushes and water outside to practise writing letters too! When modelling how to write their name, use lower case letters and encourage correct letter formation.


* Numbers are all around us! Take every opportunity to recognise and talk about numbers in the environment. Encourage your children to look out for numbers; on signposts, on houses, car number plates, on buses, drain covers, postboxes and bus timetables. I wonder where else you might see numbers?  Provide opportunities for your children to read and write numbers. Model the correct formation of each numeral for your child.