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Week beginning 23/9/19

This week in literacy we have been learning about the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau. At the beginning of the week the children watched a short video about Jacques and noted down important facts about him. Following this the children then wrote a list of questions which they wanted to find out the answers to regarding Jacques' life. They conducted their own research using I-pads and laptops. Finally, using the information they had collected, the children then wrote a biography about Jacques Cousteau.


Our numeracy focus this week has been on times tables. We have looked in detail at the 3,6 and 9 times tables and then used what we know about these to help us with more difficult numbers e.g 30,60,90. We ended the week by introducing the  multiplication grid method to work out even more difficult times tables, including 2 digit numbers which are not multiples of ten.


Through our topic work we have been looking at RE this week. We have been learning about Islam. Following the story of Bilal the children created mind maps, thinking carefully about their own values and beliefs.


In welsh we have been re-capping the question 'Beth wyt ti'n hoffi?' meaning 'What do you like?'. As the children are familiar with this question we are encouraging them to add further information, including what they don't like and why.

Dwi'n hoffi ....... I like

Dwi ddim yn hoffi .........I don't like




We have also started to look at camping 'gwersylla' and the related vocabulary. This week the children created a welsh mind map about camping, using a welsh word bank. They will be able to refer back to this throughout the topic to help them.