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Week beginning 11/3/19

This week in math our focus has been on fractions, specifically 1/2 and 1/4. One of our activities has involved cutting up hot cross buns and the other cutting up ingredients to make leek soup. We have been discussing how many pieces we will have when the item is cut into 1/2 and 1/4 and how each piece needs to be the same size. We have also started to look at how different fractions are equal to each other (1/2=2/4).


In literacy our focus has remained on the poem 'The Sleepy Dragon'. Following on from last week we started by innovating our story maps by changing the dragon to another animal and then changing other details throughout the poem, to make them our own. We then wrote our own poem following the plan.


As this week it has been science week our topic work has been based around this. At the beginning of the week we travelled to the moon and then got to make moon landers, in groups. This involved good communication skills, taking turns and helping each other in order to complete the challenge. Another activity involved thinking about germs, how they are transferred and what can be done to help stop this from happening.

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from a 'real' scientist. The children had the opportunity to see and try out a number of different experiments, which they really enjoyed.


The enhanced provision this week has provided the chance to write items they would take to space, use tweezers to collect items from the moon, make split pin astronauts, write questions to the scientist, complete a chart about favourite planets and fill in space passports.


On Friday we helped to raise money for Comic Relief by taking part in a dance-a-thon and holding a cake sale after school. Thank you to all parents that sent in cakes with their child. We had a long queue of people buying cakes so I'm hoping that it means we have raised a good amount of money for this very worth while charity.