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Our weekly learning experiences




Week  Beginning: Monday 25th March


We have been learning about adverts. The focus of our adverts is smoothies. Last week we tasted existing smoothies and we have designed our own smoothies, which they will be making and advertising. They have come up with their own product title, slogan, persuasive sentences, product label and logo.



We have been learning about different line types and the properties of 2D shapes. Then we have been revising how to measure and calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes. We will continue to practice maths test papers.  


Week Beginning: Monday 18th March


We have been learning about nonsense poems. We practiced reading different nonsense poems like: Ning Nang Nong, The Jabberwocky, Green Eggs and Ham. We looked at unusual fruit and vegetables to create a word bank of nonsense words. We used our nonsense words to write our own nonsense poem.



We revised how to partition and double numbers. Then we used this skill to help us with multiplication. The children learned a new method, the grid method. We have started to practice maths tests in preparation for May tests.


Week beginning: Monday 11th March


We have been orally reciting the process for making and baking bread. We used last week’s experience to draw a story map of the process and then, as a group, the children presented the recipe to the class. We have been focusing on using: time connectives, adverbs, imperative verbs and adverbs. Using their story maps, the children have independently written recipe instructions for the break making.



We have been learning a variety of things this week. We have been learning how to interpret and draw our own pictograms, tally charts and bar graphs. We have also been estimating the weight of objects in grams and kilograms, and then we have weighed the object to see if our estimation was correct.



We have been learning about the different food groups and sorting food into healthy and unhealthy groups. After learning about the food groups and balanced meals with at least five fruit/vegetables a day, the children designed and drew their own healthy meals.The children did a science investigation, where they predicted which type of paper airplane would stay airborne the longest. The children made three types airplanes (traditional paper airplane, helicopter and glider). Before they tested them, they made a prediction to say how long the planes would stay airborne. Then they tested the airplanes three times to make it a fair test.


Week Beginning: Tuesday 5th March

This week we began with a whole day rotation of activities about our new topic Scrumdiddlyumptious! All the children participated in different activities to do with food.

  • Following a recipe to make bread rolls.
  • Tasting and describing different fruits.
  • Creating a collage of different food on paper plates.
  • Design a new title page for the new topic.



We have been planning and writing a recount of the activity day. They planned their writing using a story map with captions. They have used the story map to write a detailed recount of the day using time connectives to link their writing.



We have been learning how to tell the time. We have been focusing on telling time to the nearest minute in digital times and analogue times. For example, 2:23 or twenty three minutes past two. They have been matching digital and analogue times as well.