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Week beginning 13/5/19

In math this week we have been working on temperature and capacity. We have been thinking about hot and cold and looking at thermometers and how to read them. We have also been completing the 'bucket challenge'. This involved estimating how many jugs it would take to fill the bucket with water, working together to fill the bucket and using a tally to keep a record each time another jug was added.


The literacy focus this week has been extreme weather. One of our activities has involved creating a fact file about an extreme weather condition, why it is dangerous and how to stay safe. The other activity involved 'diamond ranking' items in order of importance that would be required in the extreme weather that had been selected. We also started to think about 'bossy' words with relation to the items in preparation for next week when we are writing instructions.


Our topic work this week was initially focused on maps, locating different places then adding weather symbols to the map in the locations specified. Later in the week we did an experiment for Rainbow bear to find out which material would make the best raincoat for him.


Through enhanced provision the children have had the chance to play a weighing scales game, write a weather report, write a song/poem about weather, create a rain shaker, build a shelter from the heatwave, build houses, save items from the flood and role play in the observatory.