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Week beginning 1/4/19

This week in math we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards from a given number, using a 100 square/ number track. After locating a given number and placing a counter on it we have then been rolling a die to decide the number of spaces we need to move, either forward or back. Finally we have been writing the corresponding number sentences.


Our literacy focus this week has been to write a script. In relation to our topic 'Everyday Heroes' we have been thinking about how we can help look after our planet. At the beginning of the week we started to formulate some questions that we could ask an Eco Warrior to find out more about their job and what they do to help. Using different question starters to prompt (who?, what?, where?, when?, why?, how? etc) we prepared a range of questions to help us find out as much information as possible. Following on from this the children then wrote a script between themselves and an Eco Warrior, using some of the questions prepared previously, adapting them as necessary according to the responses given.


In topic this week and in relation to everyday heroes we have been acting as our own Eco Warriors. In small groups we have been walking around the school to try and identify problem areas. We have then been thinking of ways to solve or improve these in order to help save our planet.


Through our enhanced provision the children have had the chance to write lists of ways we can save the planet and things we can recycle, draw and cut out the earth, use the nuts and bolts to construct, fish pollution out of the water, sort recycling materials on the ipad, play a time pairs game and measure plastic worms using cubes.


On Friday we attended Literacy Fest where we had the pleasure of listening to the author of 'The Pirate Cruncher'. Along with other schools we had the chance to listen to him reading one of his fantastic stories, explain to us how he creates and draws his characters and the opportunity to ask him questions.