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Week Beginning 29th January 2018

This week our Mathematics focus task will include continuing with looking and writing subtraction sums from our lizard/bug song and exploring doubles with spiders (a fact that we learnt in ZooLab). The children have been doing some fantastic researching about lizards and oner reptiles last week due to our visit from ZooLab. This in turn led to amazing writing in their literacy books and wonderful continuous play.

This week we are going to base the activities around Crocodiles. Within our creative areas, the children will have the opportunity to decorate their sock puppets and make lizard tails from cups to use within the role play area, create life size junk models, make play dough reptiles and salt dough crocodile teeth necklaces and explore making different textured rubbings and drawings.

Within the writing area, the children can make their very own fact books and the Maths area will have lots of sorting activities with tweezers for explore the children's fine motor skills.

Within our outdoor provision, the children will have the opportunity to make a bubble snake, giant snake and ladders and large scale crocodiles.  


We now have carpet inputs for the children during the school day, which we will continue. These include; Phonics Sessions, Clic (Maths) and Welsh. During the week, Music, I.T, Cookery  sessions will continue, along with P.E, library and reading. The teachers have also started Guided Group Reading and during this afternoon, the children also get to experience other activities within areas of learning, such as I Pads, writing, Dough Disco, puzzles, and listening to a story on a rota (Carousel) basis. This week, we will also be starting Bws Brush where the children who have returned their consent forms will be brushing their teeth for 3 min during the afternoon. 



  • Please bring in a white sock for your child to create a reptile sock puppet.
  • If you have any spare recycling, please could you bring it in for junk modelling.