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Week beginning 14th May

It is a busy week this week in Year 2!


For Geography we have been doing a mini beast enquiry, looking at contrasting locations.


In Art our focus is Pop art, therefore, we have been looking at the famous artist Andy Warhol. The children are enjoying a string print activity where they get to create their own string print.


Maths this week involves a number of different activities, including a carousel based around clocks and time. We are also working with numbers between 100 - 200, looking at the properties of 3D shapes and working out missing numbers.


Our history sessions this week are based around toys. We are looking at old/new toys and then investigating and discussing the differences between them.


In PSE the children are taking part in a communication problem solving task, based on building bridges.


On Friday we are looking forward to celebrating the Royal wedding. In the morning we will be enjoying a carousel of activities, including making food, invitations, crowns and flowers.

In the afternoon we will then hold our own wedding ceremony.

Please remember to send in your child's special costume for the afternoon, in a bag with their name on it. Thank you.