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WB 23/11/20

Activities will be added each day for you to work on ...

We will be giving you a call this week to say hello and see how you are getting on with your home learning activities! 

Please be aware that phone calls will be made from a private or withheld number. 

Monday 23rd November


Task 1 - Reading Comprehension:

Log onto Hwb and find the reading comprehension activity in the shared files.

Choose between the 1, 2 or 3 star level of challenge.

3 stars is the hardest challenge (pupils in the purple GGR group should try the 3 star activity)!


Record your answers on the answer sheet. The correct answers are on the mark scheme on the next page.



Task 2 - Writing:

Watch the video to find out more!

Writing - Digestion Journey (Part 1)

Still image for this video
Here's the example Miss Williams read ...
Here's a word mat to help you and the steps to success ...

Tuesday 24th November

Task 1 - Maths:

Today's Maths activity is revisiting and recapping Weight which we looked at in school last week. 


The activities have been shared with you through the HWB (you can find them in the shared files). These activities have been labelled '1 star' and '2 stars' in terms of difficulty. Children only have to complete ONE of the activities. (They do not have to complete both activities unless they want to.) 


The j2e5 documents can be opened and edited. There are explanations for where each question should be answered (most should either be under the picture or next to the problem). 

Please note there are at least 2 pages to each activity.


Once the document has been edited and all the questions have been answered then children must click the save button and the document will save to their own folder on Just2easy, then we will be able to see this. 


If children are having any problems with completing or accessing the particular activity, please let us know by sending us a message via the speech bubble.  


Task 2 - Writing:

Today, we will be continuing our stories! Watch the video to find out what you need to do next!

Writing - Digestion Journey (Part 2)

Still image for this video
Here's the example Miss Williams read ...

More help is available in the Magic Schoolbus episode 'Lunch' ...

The Magic School Bus for Lunch - video dailymotion *

Science Fun!

Click on the PowerPoint below to learn about saliva and find out about a fun experiment you can try at home! 

Wednesday 25th November

Task 1 - Maths:

Today and tomorrow, we would like you to do a capacity investigation! 

Here's Miss Renault to explain what you need to do ...

Maths- Capacity

Still image for this video

Step 1: find some empty containers (please check with your parents which containers you are allowed to use).

Step 2: estimation activity.

Step 3: check the capacity (read the label).

Step 4: order containers from biggest to smallest capacity.



Task 2 - Writing:

Today, we are going to be writing the final part of our stories! Please watch the video to find out more ...

Writing - Digestion Journey (Part 3)

Still image for this video
Here's the example Miss Williams read ...
Thursday 26th November

Task 1 - Maths:

Please rewatch Miss Renault's video from yesterday.


Step 5: login to the Hwb to create a bar chart.

Step 6: add a title and remember to press save!

Step 7: write a short paragraph to explain what you have done and found out. You could include a picture! 

Task 2 - Science:

Your task is to pick an animal of your choice (perhaps a cow, snake, chicken or something else!) and to find out about its digestive system!

Here's Miss Williams to tell you more ...

Animal Digestive Systems

Still image for this video
Friday 27th November

Task 1 - Spelling and Grammar:

Here's Miss Cleal to explain the tasks ...

Spelling and Grammar

Still image for this video


1. Recap last week's spellings (ight) - 

height,        weight,        might,        slight,        delight,        fright,       mighty,        lightning,        eighteen,        eighty


2. Learn this week's spellings (contractions) - 

I have -> I've,         I would -> I'd,        they are -> they're,        were not -> weren't,        have not -> haven't,        would not -> wouldn't,         he will -> he'll,        she will -> she'll

3. Practice writing sentences with contractions (record your work on Just2easy or on paper).

Challenge - include speech, e.g. "I'd love to have a new skipping rope for Christmas!" explained Ben.


Connectives make our writing more fluent. You can use a connective to join two short sentences together to make one long sentence.


We will be focussing on these connectives - 

and,       nor,        but,        or,         for,        yet

Write some sentences using connectives.

Visit to choose your image/picture to write about.


You can record your sentences on Just2easy or on paper.

Task 2 - Maths:

Today's Maths activity is looking at some problems to do with Capacity. 


The activities will be shared with you through the HWB as j2e5 documents. Similarly to before, they will be labelled as either 1 Star Capacity or 2 Stars Capacity in terms of difficulty. 


The j2e5 activities can be opened and edited, each question explains where it can be answered (either to the side or underneath). Again, there are at least 2 pages to both activities, so please remember to look at the next page. 


Children can test the first problem out using measuring cups and water if they wish to and this helps them to answer the questions.  Alternatively, they can just work this out mentally, the choice is yours! 


Please do remember to save the j2e5 document so that we can view the work the children have done. 


Send us a message over the speech bubbles on HWB if you are having any problems accessing or completing the task.