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Week Beginning 20th March 2017

Week Beginning 20th March 2017


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This week we are exploring the wonderful world of fairies and elves! We will be writing letters to fairies to find out if they are real. We will be thinking carefully about what we would like to know.


Outside we will be building fairy houses using natural materials. We will also be building fairy houses in the construction and small world areas. In the creative area we would like to make fairy wings and wands, using our cutting skills to help - this will include lots of glitter, of course! We will also practise our cutting skills by making fairy puppets and badges.


In Maths we are continuing to count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, and will be doubling and halving numbers. We will also continue practising forming our numbers properly in fairy dust (recipe here: We have rhymes that help us:


0 - Zero

Around and ‘round and ‘round we go,

When we get home we have a zero.

1 - One

Start at the top and down we run,

When we stop we have a one.

2 – Two

Around and back on a railway track,

Two, two, two!

3 – Three

Around the tree and around the tree,

That’s the way we make a three.

4 – Four

Down and across and down some more,

That’s the way we make a four.

5 – Five

Short neck, belly fat,

Number five wears a hat.

6 – Six

Down we go and make a loop,

Number six makes a hoop.

7 – Seven

Across the sky and down from heaven,

That’s the way we make a seven.

8 – Eight

Make an ‘s’ and do not wait,

When it’s joined up you have an eight.

9 – Nine

Make a loop and then a line,

That’s the way we make a nine.



Please visit so that your child can practise writing numbers at home.


We will continue to explore money and will be learning to recognise all the different coins. Can your child help you pay for the shopping? We will be setting up a shop to buy materials and items for the fairy houses.