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Growing chicks!

As a surprise for the children, we decided to organise the chick hatching experience to come in to Nursery.

The eggs arrived this week in the incubator and  the children have been able to observe the chicks hatching.

Over the next two weeks the children will then have the opportunity to observe the chicks grow and will help to look after and care for the chicks.


The children have been very gentle and had the opportunity to hold the eggs, before they hatched. The children talked about how the egg felt and what it looked like.

Our first chick hatched overnight on Thursday and was wide awake when we arrived in school on Friday.

Throughout the day on Friday the children were able to observe other chicks pip through their shells and hatch. It was wonderful to observe the children watch the process and the classroom was buzzing with excitement!

The children were fantastic at looking after the chicks. They handled them very gently and helped to feed them each day.  The children enjoyed drawing pictures of them as well.