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WB 08/02/21

Activities will be on Google Classrooms.

There will be a daily Maths and Literacy task plus a Context/Topic activity for children to complete during the week.

Activities will go live on Google Classrooms each day at 9am.


Monday 18th January

Task 1 - Literacy (Internet Safety reading comprehension)

Task 2 - Maths (division)


Tuesday 19th January

Task 1 - Literacy (Internet Safety note-taking)

Task 2 - Maths (division)


Wednesday 20th January

Task 1 - Literacy (writing a public announcement about Internet Safety)

Task 2 - Maths (division)


Thursday 21st January

Task 1 - Literacy (Internet Safety poster)

Task 2 - Maths (division)


Friday 22nd January

Task 1 - Literacy (spellings and grammar)

Task 2 - Maths (times tables)


Context Activity

Task  (design a prize for the National Eisteddfod)