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Chair - Gayle Mulla

Parent year 4 and year 1.
I joined FoPPS 4 years ago and am now in my second year as Chair. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with FoPPs so far and look forward to working with the rest of the team to arrange more events for the pupils, parents and the local community.


Before having children I worked as a lead nurse in London, after being a stay at home mum for several years I returned to work part time in 2020 as a triage nurse practitioner , I am hoping to start an MSc alongside this next year. 


Vice-Chair - Charlotte Fielder

Parent Year 4

I'm Charlie. I live in Pontprennau with my husband, Steve, and together we have a son who is a pupil at Pontprennau Primary School. 


I've been working with FoPPS for a couple of years and I'm lucky to be part of a lovely, dedicated team of volunteers! I have many lovely memories of my own primary school and I joined FoPPS to help create those sort of memories for my own son. Summer fairs, Santa visits and Easter egg hunts are just some of my favourites. 


I love the variety that the role of committee member offers. Everyone's voice is heard and we have a great mix of skills. It all means we have a laugh whilst organising fabulous events to raise funding for the school. 


Treasurer - James Potter 
Parent Year 3
My daughter currently attends the school in year 3. I therefore have an active interest in the success of the school and I am keen to help out where I can, raising funds for worthwhile investment at the school, whilst also ensuring fun times for the school children and wider community. I have always enjoyed the Fopps events, as has my daughter, and I enjoy making my own contribution to support future events.

I am employed at a local authority within internal audit which requires attention to detail, organised and results focused, always looking for improvements. I work with a wide range of individuals and therefore I am very personable and approachable.


Secretary - Elizabeth Brancazio

Parent year 2

As a result of my childhood memories of my Mum helping out with the school PTA, I am very keen to provide the same experiences for my own children. I have two boys; the oldest in year 2 and a new baby so I’m hopefully going to be involved with the school for a long time! 


I trained as a laboratory chemist, but now work doing quality assurance for a software company. I have also been a medieval reenactor for more than 10 years so I have a lot of experience dealing with the public, setting up/taking down events and embarrassing myself for the entertainment of others. 


Helen Willson.
Parent of children in Years 5 and 2.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my fellow members to develop and deliver all the fabulous events that have raised money for the school. I look forward to the exciting events we have planned for the next year! We are always open to new ideas and listening to suggestions.


I work for the National Trust in my day job and use the skills from that to help our group grow and engage with our community. I have delivered many successful projects in partnership with local communities including fundraising and events in my current role and in my previous role as a museum manager.


Martin Edwards
Parent of children in Years 5 and 2.

As a father of two girls, who currently attend the school, I wanted to give something back, hoping to play some small part in helping the school continue to carry out their good work, as well as help raise some much needed funds.

I have now been Treasurer of the committee for 4 years and have enjoyed working with fellow parents and guardians to create some wonderful events for both children and parents alike. We hope to make the school one big community by helping children, parents and teachers come together for the good of the school. After a hard, but amazing first couple of years working on fundraising activities and setting up an effective committee we are looking forward to continuing to create many more great events while having plenty of fun.

In my day job I work for a public sector not for profit organisation as a Business Transformation and Finance Manager and hope that some of these skills are transferable to my FoPPS role.

When I'm not working I love to travel, play many different sports and spend time with my family.


Claire Williams
Parent Year 3
I love being part of FoPPS and as a founding committee member I’ve had the privilege of being able to work with an amazing group of people to organise and run lots of events over the past few years, having loads of fun on the way!
I did a 3 year stint as secretary, helping to set up Fopps as a registered charity. Now as a general committee member I’m excited about being able to continue to help deliver fantastic events for the school and community.

Jason Jones

Parent years 2 and 5.

I was born and brought up in Cardiff and read Electrical Electronic Engineering at Cardiff University. I work as an Electrical Design Engineer in Cardiff. I have been married to Bethan for twelve years and have two children. Lola is in year 5 and Jacob in year 2. I have been a member of the committee from the start and enjoy taking an active part. 


Lucy Harris
Parent Year 3

My name is Lucy, and I am Mum to one of the many sets of twins in Year 3.  I have been a member of the Fopps team for the past 4 years and I love playing a role in organising events for school, secretly my favourite is the Christmas Festival.


In my daytime role I am a social work assistant for a local authority, providing support to families who are in need.


In my spare time I am U8's manager for my children's rugby team, I love spending time with family, socialising, trying new things and my favourite - hosting parties!


Tess Ash
Parent Reception

My name is Tess and my son is currently in Reception and absolutely loves the school! We wanted our son to attend Pontprennau Primary as it is our local community school and has such a fantastic community feel. I think that FoPPS plays a huge part in that and I wanted two be involved! I attended my first FoPPS AGM in November 2021 and was blown away by how much these volunteers do, so I wanted to help!


Sinmi Moritiwon
Parent Year 4

I recently moved to Cardiff with my family and I have a son who currently attends Pontprennau Primary School which he absolutely loves.


After pick up one afternoon, I saw the FoPPS team members asking for volunteers to come on board for the summer fair event 2022. I was super excited to get more details as I naturally love to give back my time and expertise to these causes and immediate community as a whole and this has been such a fulfilling experience for me, partnering with amazing parents and volunteers who are fully committed to ensuring the best is done at all times for the children, school and community.


I am an Architect professionally with a wide range of experience that cuts across various sectors such as construction, customer service, sales, retail etc over the last 19 years and currently rounding up my MSc Programme at the Cardiff Metropolitan University in Project Management.


I am indeed very pleased to be a part of the team and look forward to many more successful and impactful events in the future.