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Committee Members

Chair - Helen Willson

Parent of children in Years 3 and 1 and SuperTots! 

As the current Chair of the FoPPS committee, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my fellow members to develop and deliver all the fabulous events that have raised money for the school. We have made such a fabulous start for our first year and I look forward to the exciting events we have planned for the next year! We are always open to new ideas and listening to suggestions. I am a Volunteer and Community Participation consultant for the National Trust and as such use these skills to help our group grow and engage with our community. I have delivered many successful projects in partnership with local communities including fundraising and events in my current role and in my previous role as a museum manager. I have chaired many teams and believe it's essential to be open to everyone's ideas to ensure we are inclusive and successful!

Treasurer - Martin Edwards

Parent Year 1

As a father of two girls, one who currently attends the school and one who will hopefully join next year, I wanter to give something back to the school, hoping to play some small part in helping the school continue to carry out their good work as well as help them raise some much needed funds.

I have now been Treasurer of the committee for a year and have enjoyed working with fellow parents and guardians to create some wonderful events for both children and parents alike. We hope to make the school one big community by helping children, parents and teachers come together for the good of the school. After a hard, but amazing 1st year of working on fundraising activities and setting up an effective committee we are looking forward to creating some more great events while continuing to have plenty of fun.

In my day job I work for a public sector not for profit organisation as a Business Transformation and Finance Manager and hope that some of these skills are transferable to my FoPPS role.

When I'm not working I love to travel, play many different sports and spend time with my family, even if that does mean lots of parties on the weekend at Mambo's!!

Secretary - Claire Williams

Parent Year 3 and Nursery

I've loved being part of FoPPS during it's start-up year, working with a great team of people to help raise money for the school. As secretary, I've coordinated a successful application for  gaining charitable status for FoPPS, as well as working hard behind the scenes on all the admin that goes hand in hand with organising events and supporting our chair to manage the committee. When I'm not busy sending emails on behalf of FoPPS, I also work at the Office for National Statistics as a Methodologist and am part of a local theatre group.

Committee Members:


Jamila Lewis

Parent Years 2 and 1

I'm a freelance Instructional  Designer, Illustrator and Animator with much of my previous work centred on children's education, and I'd like to bring those skills to the group. My husband is also a talented illustrator and caricaturist, so we come as a buy-one-get-one-free kind of deal!

Ann-Marie Powell

Parent Reception and Year 2, Staff Member

I am a qualified Higher Level Teaching Assistant with a degree in Geography and volunteer for Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity. I joined the school full time as a teaching assistant in September 2016 and mother of children who are now in Reception and year 2. I have watched the incredible development of Pontprennau Primary with great interest and enthusiasm for many years. I am delighted to represent our community and our staff as a Friends of PPS committee member. I believe that working collaboratively as a school and community yields the very best outcomes and so I am deeply committed to making sure our school is the best it can be. 

Jason Jones

Parent Year 1

I was born and brought up in Cardiff and read Electrical Electronic Engineering at Cardiff University. I work as an Electrical Design Engineer in Cardiff. I have been married to Bethan for twelve years and have two children. Lola is in year 1 and Jacob attends Busy Bees Nursery, as did Lola. I have been a member of their parent committee for 2 years and enjoy taking an active part. 

Gareth Hillier

Parent Year 3 and Nursery

I'm an enthusiastic parent of the school. I have worked with teachers on a number of activities. I believe we have a fantastic school with good foundations for children to grow, and I would love the opportunity to work with parents and the school, helping to move the school forward.

Debanjali Bhattacharjee

Parent Year 3 and Reception

I thoroughly enjoy contributing my time and efforts towards the school and bringing its families together.  As a parent volunteer for the school as well as a member of FoPPS, I've loved involving families and organisations into participation and have learnt from their talents. Professionally I'm passionate about working with communities in the third sector;  I wish to continue creating opportunities for parents, carers and others within the community to support the school and enrich the experiences of our children.

Mrs Gayle Mulla

Child in Reception


I have a son in reception and a two year old daughter. I am in the fortunate position to be a stay-at-home mum so have plenty of time to give to the school.


Before having children I worked as the lead nurse for blood clot prevention in a London hospital. To be successful in this role I needed excellent communication skills, the ability to quickly build relationships with a wide range of people and continuously think of new ideas to keep staff engaged. I was a member of the morale committee, a small team responsible for organising and running staff Christmas parties, International Nurse Day events and were in the process of arranging a family sports day fundraiser.


When my son was in nursery I helped out at the school cultural day and was part off the team in the international food kitchen at the school fair and really enjoyed both. I also used to help out at mom mum’s school fetes etc before moving to Cardiff. I would welcome the opportunity to share my ideas with the FOPPS team but most importantly enjoy being able to help organise and run future events for our fantastic school.


Mrs Eve Cocks

Children in Year 1 / Year 3


I am passionate about ensuring Pontprennau Primary School is a success for our children and the wider community.


I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Intensive Care Research with a background of 13 years’ nursing experience. My role demands many skills such as team working and communication to ensure the varied, complex needs of patients and relatives are met. I am a natural organiser and have been involved with fundraising and organised social events at work. I have excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritise and multi-task which are also essential requirements of my job. I enjoy serving our community and in the past I have been a regular helper at a Brownie pack and volunteered regularly as a lifeguard at our local pool. I was a member of St John’s Ambulance in which I attended many public duties and currently I am a member of Newport Orchestra.


I believe I could use these skills and experience to contribute effectively as a committee member to support the school. Working part-time I have the opportunity to fully commit to meetings, preparations and events.


Mrs Lucy Harris

Child in Nursery


My name is Lucy and I’m a twin mum so I can multitask and am very organised.

I love to meet new people, try new things and challenge myself. I have supported FoPPS in the past with the Halloween disco, race night and the school fayre. I have lots of friends with a wide range of skills and jobs and can call on them to support in any upcoming events.


In my daytime job I am a Community Occupational Therapist Technician (or COTT for short) so I come across all sorts of people and challenges and I work closely with my team to overcome challenges and support people as much as I can. I feel within my career I am a reliable and a good problem solver and would like to promote this through becoming a FoPPS committee member.