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Here are all the competition tasks for our Eisteddfod:


Individual recital of a poem:


This competition is open to the entire year group. It is the children's choice if they wish to enter or not. They will need to know the entire poem and recite it with expression.

The preliminary round will be on 28th February.


A land of rugged mountains,

A land of finest slate

The sound of rushing rivers

Gives us cause to celebrate


For here in Wales, or far away

The Welsh remember still

And on St. David’s Day with pride

We wear a leek or daffodil.


Group Song:


The group song and recital will be practised in school. All children will be involved, please help them with the words.


Pen, sgwyddau, coesau, traed-coesau, traed,

Pen, sgwyddau, coesau, traed-coesau, traed,

A llygaid, clustiau, trwyn a cheg

Pen, sgwyddau, coesau, traed-coesau, traed



Cyd adrodd (group recital)



Adeiladu tŷ bach,
un, dau, tri,
tô ar ei ben; a dyna ni;

 sbïo trwy y ffenest,

 be welwn ni?

Llygoden fach yn cysgu,

ust, da chi,

llygoden fach yn cysgu yn y tŷ,

llygoden fach yn deffro!

I ffwrdd â hi!


The Art and Presentation competitions are to be completed at home. The closing date for both of these competitions is the 28th February.




Create a welsh dragon. This can be done as a picture, sculpture, model, painting or any other way your child wishes to make it!




Write out the Welsh National Anthem on a single page of A4 paper and decorate it. The focus of this task is on handwriting, artistic ideas, design, interest, effort and neatness.



Pob lwc pawb!