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Week beginning: Monday 4th February

Quick Write:
The focus of this weeks Quick Write lessons has been 'What + !' sentences. Begin with the word what followed by an adjective to describe the final word/s of the sentence. Senses can be used to improve the vocabulary. Example: 

What a lovely day!

What a delicious smell!

What an awful noise!


Continuing on from last week we finished working on Pigeon Impossible, writing a brand new mission for Agent Becket. We also used the video as inspiration for our first ever debate: should we feed pigeons on the street. Pupils came up with some great arguments for and against this statement, relishing the opportunity to debate the topic with their peers.



We have covered two different topics in numeracy this week. We spent some time learning about right angles, focusing on recognising 90 degrees, more than 90 degrees or less than 90 degrees. Following on from that we have been looking at perimeter. Children were taught to use the squares in their maths books to help measure the length of each shapes sides and add them all together to find the perimeter. 


Safer Internet Week: 

The focus of this week has revolved around consent. Children have learnt about the meaning of consent and how it can be applied to going online: asking permission to play online games, to take photos of people, to conduct research etc.