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W/C 9th November

W/ C Monday 9th November 2015


During the week commencing 2nd November the children took part in lots of activities based around the story "The Stick Man".

This week the story stimulus will be " The Very Helpful Hedgehog" and "Hodge the hedgehog".


Mathematical Development
In our counting sessions we will continue to practise counting forwards, backwards, in Welsh and will continue to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. The children have quick recall of our double facts and will now be practising halving numbers too. In our maths sessions we will also be digit dancing and will be practising forming numbers with correct formation and orientation as well as recognising numbers above 10. 
Language and Literacy
During our literacy sessions we will be recapping the phonic sounds & songs from the last few weeks and will be focussing on learning the letter sounds f, b, ai & j. 
The children will be listening to a story about each of these sounds and then will learn the corresponding song and action, as well as be introduced on how to form these letters with correct formation and orientation. 
We will of course be doing individual reading with the children too!