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Week beginning 8/7/19

This week in math we started the week by looking at giving change from 20p/30p and adding/subtracting 10 using a 100 square. Later in the week the children completed assessments in order for us to continue to track their progress.


In literacy this week we focused on editing our songs from last week. We were checking to see that we had included capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, sat letters on the line and followed the story map. 


Through our topic work we started to think about our woodlouse experiment that we will be carrying out next week. The experiment is to find out what makes the best habitat for a woodlouse. This week we focused on making our predictions, thinking about what we will need and how we can ensure that it is a fair test.


Also this week, on Wednesday it was the turn of Year 1 to show off their fantastic art work in the art gallery, organised and arranged by Mrs Stephens. Thank you to all the parents that turned up to view the art work, made a donation and left lovely messages in our visitor's book.


The week ended with a fantastic art/ music evening. We were treated to performances from the recently formed school choir, individual children learning to play piano/ violin and a brilliant group of children dancing to a very upbeat song. The evening also included the auction of some of the larger pieces of art, produced in class by the children. Thank you again to all who showed up to support the event.