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Week beginning 20/5/19

Our focus this week in math has been on halves. One of our focused tasks has involved using cubes to create halving chains and to investigate which numbers produce the longest chains. We have looked at odd/even numbers to see which can be split in half equally. If the number could be halved the chain could continue and we carried on from that point, however, if the number was unable to be halved the chain ended. Another of our focused activities focused on making bird nests. Starting with the story 'Dau aderyn' we were challenged to produce two identical bird nests. First we collected natural resources, sorted them and then shared the materials equally to produce two bird nests that were the same.


In literacy we have been continuing to work on our Talk 4 write process. This time our focus was on the story 'The sun and the wind'. Following the format that we are now all familiar with we started by learning the story with actions, then produced a story map before changing parts and writing our own innovated stories.


This week through our topic work we have been writing instructions about how to stay safe in extreme weather conditions. Following this we have been recording the children using the 'Green Screen'.


Our enhanced provision has offered opportunities to weigh items, write lists, design a rain coat/umbrella, thread tornadoes, build a lego ark, complete weather pictograms, write letters to Rainbow bear, use pippets, the ice challenge, and much more.