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 Nursery Staff:


Mrs Stephens - Class Teacher.

Miss Davies- Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Gomez -  Teaching Assistant.

Miss Evans - Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Badham - 1:1 Support.


Thank you all so much for your support and coming along to see the children during our harvest concert, I'm sure you will all agree that the children were fabulous and we are so proud of each and everyone of them.



Dates for your diary:


Wednesday 16th October- A chance for you to speak with Mrs Stephens about how your child has settled into Nursery and any concerns you may have. Taking place in the main school hall, doors open at 9:15 am til 11:15am. Then for the afternoon session 12.50pm til 2.50pm.


W/C 28th October- Half term, we will see you back in Nursery on Monday 4th November.


Thursday 19th December- Our Nursery trip. Please see parent pay for more information. Please note there will be no Nursery this day, and you will need to bring a packed lunch for you and your child.  Any questions you are welcome to speak to a member of the Nursery team.




Library sessions- We will start library sessions shortly, this will be every Monday. Your child will have the opportunity to take home a book and share with you. Please can you return the book by the Friday and we will keep the book bags ready for the following Monday. Any lost or damaged books may result in a charge. Failure to return 2 consecutive

books will result in your child not being able to choose a book in the following sessionssmiley


Every Friday we will have P.E sessions, your child is welcome to wear joggers, leggings, shorts ( in the warmer weather) and trainers or daps on this day.





Our Topic this half term is 'Why do you love me so much?'


We will be talking lots about our feelings this half term, what makes us happy, sad etc. The children will be drawing on pictures of themselves, changing their faces by drawing on glasses, crazy hair styles etc. We had a lovely visit from a Mummy at the school and her beautiful baby girl, the children all thought about wonderful questions to ask about the baby, For example- what does the baby eat?

what does she like to play with?



We have had lots of fun exploring with the magnifying glasses looking at different natural materials, playing vets, looking after and dressing the dolls in the home corner. 


Welsh Language


We use Welsh lots in our Nursery and each session the children will take it in turns to be our Helpwr heddiw, this is where we will learn lots of questions, answers, songs and greetings.

During our Helpwr Heddiw sessions we have been learning how to greet our friends using 'Bore Da' and 'Prynhawn Da' We have also been using lots of Welsh and makaton during our snack time. Some of our words are:

Dyma - Here

Ga I?- Can I have?

Llaeth - Milk

Dwr - Water

Afel- Apple

Banana- Banana

Oren- Orange

Melon- Melon

Cucumber- Cucumber

Diolch- Thank you



Last week we starting to learn our numbers with the help from a brilliant learning tool called 'Ten Town'. It helps to make learning numbers fun, each number has a character, a story, song  and rhyme to help the children remember the formation. Last week we learnt all about 'King One'-  From his head to his toes

This week we are learning about 'Tommy Two' From his hands to his knees then straight across please.

This is already helping to engage the children with learning numbers and we have some lovely activities coming up.


We will be getting a bit messy this week as we use natural materials to paint Autumn patterns using leaves, pine cones and conkers.