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Paul fromZoolab came to visit the boys and girls. 

The focus of the sessions was to introduce the children to a variety of reptiles, but he also brought some other animals with him too. 

The children had the opportunity to touch the animals and were also able to hold some too. Paul told the boys and girls lots of amazing facts about the reptiles and other animals too.

It was a fantastic hands on leaning experience to start our context for learning and we are now looking forward to the children writing about the experience too. 

Meet Taylor the tortoise!

Taylor was a rescued tortoise. Taylor can live to be 100 years old. She likes to eat cucumber , tomatoes and lettuce. Very surprisingly she is a good climber but as Caitlyn told us "she moves very slowly because she has to carry her shell on her back."

Meet Izzy the bearded dragon!

Izzy is cold blooded. She is able to lay up to 23 eggs at a time! She likes to eat crickets and lettuce. She is cold blooded and  if she was in Australia she would lay in the sun to get heat. 

Meet the Pueblan rainbow milk snake

She is a baby still. She is a non venomous snake although can still bite. She has 2 fangs and over 400 bones inside her body. She likes to eat mice but doesn't chew them, instead she swallows them whole. She doesn't have a nose so she smells with her tongue! 

Meet Ron the cockroach

Ron is a Madagascan hissing cockroach. He would normally live on the forest floor and is a "recycler" - he eats other animals poo and dean leaves among other things - he is actually able to eat anything and everything except for metal, plastic, brick or glass. Cockroaches can be frozen for up to 2 years and still live! They can hold their breath under water for 45 minutes and they can even run through fire and survive. 

Meet the rats! 


The tarantula and a skin it had already shed