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W/C 16th May 2016

W/C Monday 16th May 2016


During our Pupil Voice session this week we read the story:


‘The Selfish Crocodile’.


Follow the link to hear the story being read on You Tube: 


This week, we will continue learning about a range of different reptiles through our topic ‘Why don’t snakes have legs?’ and learn about crocodiles.


Personal & Social Development and Cultural Diversity

The children will develop their cooperative play, sharing and turn-taking skills through playing Crocodile themed games as one of our focus sessions this week. We will be playing ‘Crocodile Dentist’ and the board game ‘If you see a crocodile’.


Language and Literacy


Within our enhanced provision, the children have requested that our reading area has stories and information books about crocodiles. Our Writing and Mark Making Area will have opportunities for the children to record their own facts about crocodiles and to draw crocodiles on a large scale.


Our individual and guided group reading sessions will continue this week and the children will also have their daily phonics sessions.


Mathematical Development

The children are developing their skills on the Prowise boards and we will continue to develop their confidence this week through exploring addition number sentences and number problems. Children will begin to read addition number sentences and use number lines to solve problems.

We will continue with our counting sessions, practising counting in 2's, 5's, 10's as well as practising our addition. As always we will continue to do our digit dancing, practising to form our numbers with correct formation and orientation.



Physical Development

This term the children will be developing their balancing & ball skills in our PE sessions.


Our new bridge in our outdoor area should be ready for the children to access. Everyone was very excited to watch it be installed on Friday! Children can practise their balance and coordination skills crossing the bridge.


Creative development & Knowledge and understanding

The children have asked for large images of crocodiles for the easels to create their own crocodile images. They have also asked to work together to create a large crocodile out of junk modelling!


Another busy week in Reception!