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W/C 23rd November 2015

W/ C Monday 23rd November 2015


During the week commencing 16th November the children took part in lots of activities based around hedgehogs and hibernation. Why not have a look at our photos and learning stories from these activities below in the photographs section?



Mathematical Development
In our counting sessions we will continue to practise counting forwards, backwards, in Welsh and will continue to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. The children will continue to practise halving and doubling. We will be doing lots of practise of finding one more and one less than a given number as well as ordering a set of numbers. In our maths sessions we will also be digit dancing and will be practising forming numbers with correct formation and orientation as well as recognising numbers above 10. 


Language and Literacy
During our literacy sessions we will be recapping the phonic sounds & songs from the last few weeks and will be focussing on learning the letter sounds ee, or, z, w and ng. 
The children will be listening to a story about each of these sounds and then will learn the corresponding song and action, as well as be introduced on how to form these letters with correct formation and orientation. We will practise word building simple words using the sounds that we already know. 

We have been busy assessing the children's language and concepts knowledge over the last few weeks using a programme called langugae links. We are hoping to finish these assessments this week too. 


We will of course be doing individual reading with the children too!   


Topic work

There will be lots of lovely activities on offer in the classroom throughout the week and this will be the last week of the topic "Why do leaves go crispy?".



We use Welsh daily and the children have been fantastic at learning lots of songs and sentences about the weather, asking people how they are feeling, saying what they like, saying where things are and talking about their family. They have also worked hard to count in Welsh, learn the names of their body parts and also their Welsh colours. This week the children will be learning the names of all the different areas of the classroom and will learn to say where and what they like playing with in Welsh!  


  We will also be busy learning the songs for our Christmas Concert! We will notify you very shortly of what your child is going to be in our concert and whether they have any words to learn. 


Our PE session will be Thursday so please ensure your child has their PE kit with them on this day. Our PE sessions this half term will be focussed on gymnastic activities. Why not ask your child to show you their "frog hopping", "foxes", "happy cat" and "angry cat" movements and positions?