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Week 9 - 04/11/20


Teeth Fact-file (10 facts)


This week, your homework task is to find out 10 interesting facts about teeth! 

You may want to do a PowerPoint, a poster, a video, a leaflet, or something else! You can choose!


Here are some things you might want to find out about ...

What are teeth for?

When do children begin to grow their milk teeth?

How old are children when they start to grow their adult teeth?

Why do we have different types of teeth in our mouths? What are they?

How do you keep your teeth healthy?

How can you keep your teeth clean?

Why do we brush our teeth?

What is a wisdom tooth?

How many teeth do adults have?

What is plaque?           

What causes tooth ache?

What is a filling?

What are cavities? How are they caused?

Can adults regrow their adult teeth?

Can animals regrow teeth?

Do animals have the same teeth as humans?

What is special about sharks’ teeth?   

What is special about vipers’ teeth/fangs?

What does a walrus use its teeth for?   

What is special about beavers’ teeth?


Useful websites: (Types of Teeth: BBC Bitesize Science) (What are the different types of teeth) (Weird animal teeth) (Kids Health)




Here's some examples ...