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Week beginning 28/1/19

Our focus in math this week has changed to 3d shapes. We have been naming the shapes as well as looking at their properties. Through our activities we have been sorting the shapes using different criteria and building junk models using a variety of 3d shapes to create robots.


In literacy we have been creating fact files for our 'super veg'. Supertato has gone on holiday, for his birthday and needs someone to take over his super hero duties whilst he is away. By creating fact files the children have been designing their own super vegetable/ fruit and providing information about them. Another activity involved creating a story board, using pictures and words to show how their super veg/ fruit could save the day, following more problems with the evil pea.


The topic focus remains on drawing fruit and vegetables, in preparation for our printing. This week we started by sketching the inside of the items before producing line drawings of the same fruit/veg, later in the week.


Through the enhanced provision the children have had the opportunity to play a shape sorting posting game, make birthday cards for Supertato, create super veggie puppets, make medals, build an Evil Pea city, produce a superhero pictogram on hwb, and make supertato and the Evil Pea using play dough.