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Spring Term 1

Year 2 will be having lots of fun this half term during our topic 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures.' 
At the start of the term, our literacy will focus on the traditional tale 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Pupils will learn the story, retell it and then innovate so they have a new story based on the same structure.  We will be using similes, adjectives and adverbs to make our writing more exciting to the reader. The focus will continue to be on handwriting and pupils will continue to develop their cursive style of writing. Later on in the term we will be using the Literacy Shed as a resource to give pupils opportunities to write using a visual / film stimulus. 
In maths, we are continuing to develop our understanding of bonds for more complex addition and subtraction. Telling the time will also be our focus this term. We would like to encourage all parents to talk to your children about the time at any opportunity as this is a topic they find quite difficult. 
There will be lots of opportunities for outdoor learning. For example, making potions and mixtures in our mud kitchen and hunting for mini-beasts and pond life during our trip to Newport Wetlands. We will also be looking at changes that happen when we cook things. To link in with our Literacy during the first few weeks the children will have the opportunity to make and taste porridge. 
Art will be a focus this term as there are lots of opportunities for colour mixing and outdoor art projects. Science and ICT are also important this term as we will be looking at how to be a good online citizen during internet safety week (w/b 10th February). 
As part of the new curriculum we are working hard to become Ethical, Informed Citizens who look after and respect the world we live in, so this term we will be taking part in litter picking activities to ensure Pontprennau is a clean place to live. There will also be a variety of Chinese new year activities taking place before 25th January. We are also working hard to be come Healthy, Confident learners and our work with the Kerbcraft team will support us with this. We will learn how to cross the road safely which will mean we can walk to school, or our friends house, more often.