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W/C 11th April 2016

W/C Monday 10th April 2016


A very warm welcome back to all of our pupils and parents. It is lovely to see everyone back in school this week.

This week in the Reception classes is an assessment week, before we start our new and exciting topic next week.


Language and literacy

This week the children will be writing about their exciting adventures in the Easter holidays. 

The children will also being completing  reading assessments in our reading sessions. This is to ensure that each child is currently reading books at the appropriate level. 


Mathematical development

This week the children will show us how well they can form their numbers. 

We will also be playing number recognition games with numbers to 20.  We can then work on any numbers that the children are unsure of over the next half term. 

The children will also be completing our Little Big Maths challenges, showing us how quickly they can recall our "Learn It" facts. 


Please note that due to the children completing individual reading assessments this week,  we will not be able to read a scheme book with the children aswell. Therefore all of the children will be given a new reading book in their reading diaries but will not have read this with a teacher. 

Individual reading and guided group reading returns to normal next week.